Pre-order cost $ 70
Toy height 16cm.
Material: resin
All parts are collapsible
Limited edition of 50 pieces
Production: factory in China (Guangzhou)
Production time: 30-40 days

About the project. Who i am?
Hello from Russia, my name is Igor Ilyin. I am a graphic designer, illustrator and creator of the brand MGNG®.
My career started in 2011 and during this time I managed to work with many brands around the world, drawing various logos and illustrations. Among my achievements are participation the Cropp Artists project for a large retail chain of Cropp stores throughout Europe, a collaboration release with Montana Black spray paint and ZIQ & YONI, stickers for messenger Viber (Sticky Fingers Global Design Initiative), as well as the launch of own brand.

The project with a designer toy QUBO™ is my old, big dream! As an artist, who works in digital 2D space, I have always wanted to see the materialization of my ideas, characters in real life.
For several years I have been researching what is happening in the toy industry and collecting legibly what I like. And now I have created a recognizable and catchy silhouette of the toy, which you can customize, change, play with it. Hope you really like it!

The goal for the near future is to make some unique designs for QUBO™ with other artists (print, drawing or complete renovation with additional removable elements). But in order to launch a series of figurines and turn out my dream into reality, I need your support!

For more information and content, please, check out my account on social networks.

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